Heavy-duty cutting in a single apartment

Heckert H65: How Starrag meets customer requirements

Starrag’s claim of “Engineering precisely what you value” is more than just an advertising slogan: In order to ensure consistent compliance with it, Starrag held thorough discussions with potential customers looking for a compact machining center for heavy-duty cutting.

In these detailed conversations, Starrag identified the nine most important properties, ranging from the highest level of dynamics to maximum efficiency and productivity. Starrag has put the customer’s wishes into effect with the new Heckert H65 four-axis horizontal machining center. It fits into a small single apartment and holds up to 3,300 lb. (1.5 t) of heavy workpieces on the 630 pallet for machining on the spindle.

But how does a manufacturer improve products that are already well received on the market? The answer is provided by Alexander Attenberger, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Starrag: “We are able to precisely filter the things that really hurt our customers. This way, we are able to understand exactly what the customer needs at that moment”. By implementing this strategy for success, Starrag examined what customers want from a compact machining center suitable for heavy-duty cutting. One of the most important factors is a low space requirement, because hall space is valuable.

A virtual round up: Dr. Markus Richter, Director of Development at Starrag in Chemnitz (right), and Martin Brückner, Director Sales Asia/T&I, presented the Heckert H65 at a webinar in February.

The aim was to develop a machining center that would fulfill all requirements with the lowest possible installation space – while simultaneously increasing accessibility and improving serviceability. The result is outstanding: The new Heckert H65 fits in a small single apartment and works significantly faster.

“For customers who need more dynamic performance and higher speeds, we offer the right solution with the Heckert H60,” explains Markus Richter, Director of Development at Starrag in Chemnitz. It is equipped with HSK-A63 retainers and is designed for workpieces up to 2,200 lb. (1,000 kg). The tool changers are also designed accordingly: While the Heckert H60 operates with the fastest changer for tools up to 22 lb. (10 kg) (optionally up to 26 lb. (12 kg)) as standard, the robust tool changer of the Heckert H65 handles tools up to 77 lb. (35 kg) and optionally up to 110 lb. (50 kg). 

Dr. Markus Richter and Martin Brückner

Designed to the nines: This is how Starrag fulfills its customers’ needs

  • Maximum dynamics: Thanks to the column optimized for dynamic machining, the Heckert H65 operates 30% faster than the predecessor model.
  • High cutting capacity: With the 80 hp (60 kW) spindle (332 ft-lb (450 Nm) at 10,000 rpm, spindle ramp-up in 2.8 s), it is almost as fast as significantly larger machines.
  • High load: The load of up to 3,300 lb. (1.5 t) increases capacity by more than 100%.
  • Integratable: The Heckert H65 adapts seamlessly to the customer’s infrastructure, whether into an existing supply system or through its compatibility with the pallets of older machines.
  • Automation-friendly: Automatic set-up point flushing and optional automated set-up point doors allow for unmanned shifts.
  • Digital transparency: I/O-Link communication up to the field level allows remote monitoring of the status of the machine or individual assemblies.
  • High process reliability: This is ensured thanks to the user-friendly HMI, the swarf conveyor extending to the set-up point, the service-friendly structure and high-pressure flushing as well as the cooling concept.
  • Future-proof: The simple options for retrofitting allow adaptation to changing requirements.
  • High efficiency and productivity: Thanks to reduced downtimes, the new machining center works faster and with greater energy efficiency – with installation space reduced to 258 sq. ft. (24 m²).
a machine working