By Dr. Christian Walti

Dear reader,

I would like to greet you in my new capacity as CEO of the Starrag Group. I took over this position from Walter Börsch on June 1, 2018 and he has been alongside me during my first few months. I am delighted to guide Starrag and its highly-qualified team on their journey to becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision machine tools.

I gained my professional experience working in various industries. Germany’s machine tool industry is very familiar territory for me. I first came to understand and appreciate the industry while writing my thesis at the University of St. Gallen on the subject of “Sales management through the example of the Swiss machine tool industry.”

As a former executive at the machine construction companies Faes AG and Bosch Packaging Systems, I am fully aware of the strength of innovation in the machine and plant construction industry. Nevertheless, when I looked in detail at the current highlights in the Starrag magazine, “Star”, I was once again fascinated by the variety and wealth of ideas within Starrag concerning the machine tool, which many experts rightly consider to be the mother of all machines.

I am particularly excited by off-center line machining, which allows Dörries vertical lathes to be upgraded to multi-functional machining centers at low cost. As well as turning reliably, efficiently and precisely, these vertical lathes are also able to mill, drill and cut threads in one clamping device with the same high levels of speed and accuracy.

But that is only one high point of many: The interview with Ulrich Wiehagen from Starrag Technology GmbH in Bielefeld is inspiring. His look back on a successful 25 years for the FOG series in the Droop+Rein product range astounded us with the statement: “To date, not a single FOG has ended up on the scrapheap. If, for example, a Droop+Rein FOG is 15–20 years old, it is worth modernizing the control system and possibly some of its mechanical components.”

All of the other articles featured in this issue are interesting in equal measure: These range from the success story of the Berthiez RVU 2800/250 vertical grinding machines, which allows General Electric in France to machine drive elements for turbines in their entirety, right through to the production of vehicle components on the new Heckert T45. Specialists discussed the manufacture of aircraft components at the now traditional Turbine Technology Days in Roschacherberg. Meanwhile, at a new Starrag roadshow, experts from areas such as the medical technology and watchmaking industries carried out a detailed examination of the high-precision manufacture of delicate components on Bumotec machining centers. The range of topics is rounded off with reports on our comprehensive spare parts service and our ServicePlus concept.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy reading this magazine, and if you would like to familiarize yourself with Starrag, our products and our services even further, I recommend coming to visit us in person at one of the numerous trade shows we take part in, such as IMTS 2018 in Chicago (September 10 –15) or AMB 2018 in Stuttgart (September 18 – 22).

Dr Christian Walti
CEO of the Starrag Group