A salesman who knows his stuff

Sales people are ice-cold, calculating number geeks who will do anything for profit? Alexander Attenberger, the new Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Starrag, fights against this stereotype every day. A portrait of a top salesman who knows his stuff and has always liked to get stuck in.

“It’s a heart-stopping moment when you attend an airshow or are at a stadium and the US military conducts a flyover with the F-35”, enthuses CSO Alexander Attenberger in Aerospace Manufacturing, a British industry magazine. His pride and excitement are understandable, as this is a flagship project: Starrag manufactures around 60 machine tools that are used to produce important components for the F-35 Lightning II stealth supersonic jet.

The 43-year-old originates from the Altötting region, east of Munich, and has extensive experience in precision engineering, as well as a palpable enthusiasm for technologically challenging projects. “While working as a production manager, I also acquired a qualification in business administration,” says Attenberger. “So I come from a very practical background – I’ve always liked to get stuck in.” He then went on to learn about sales from the ground up, finally becoming part of the management team at a large German machine tool manufacturer, where he played a significant role in expanding international sales.

    “It is now up to us to provide solutions for the customer rapidly and ‘on point’.”

    “We have dedicated sales staff and good products.“

    The mountain biker and skier is equally at home in the mountains as he is in production departments on management teams. After eight years at his previous company, he made the move to the Starrag headquarters in Rorschacherberg in the summer of 2020. Despite the lockdown, Attenberger quickly became acquainted with the Swiss company and its ten different product ranges. “I didn’t need any kind of secret recipe to motivate the salespeople for the various Starrag product ranges,” the CSO recalls with satisfaction. “We have dedicated sales staff and good products. The challenge now is to bring the whole “family” closer together.” To achieve this, he aims to provide the sales department with the necessary tools and to arm the team for success, “particularly in this period of tough competition.” He considers the further digitalisation of sales to be an important means of achieving this goal. “Nowadays, when customers have placed an order, they want a response faster than ever before”, says the CSO. “It is now up to us to provide solutions for the customer rapidly and ‘on point’”.

    This is in line with Starrag’s slogan “Engineering precisely what you value”, with the machine taking a rather more backstage role in this instance. Attenberger: “We are able to precisely filter out the things that really hurt our customers. Do they have issues with accuracy or productivity? Then we have the perfect, tailor-made solution for them”. 

    Sabine Kerstan
    Sabine Kerstan
    Starrag Content Manager

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